Harmony Health Services Notifications:

Welcome to the 2020 school year! This year will be challenging, with many changes in education and the world at large. To help you navigate the School Health specific challenges for this year, we would like to make you aware of the following:

  • Regardless of attendance on campus or virtually, your child is required by state law to submit completed vaccine records or original copy of the affidavit of reasons of conscience from the state to be enrolled.
    • For current students, the deadline for submission was August 17th.
    • For newly enrolled students, the deadline for submission is September 16th.

After these dates the campus will be required to unenroll your student. Please make sure complete copies of your records are submitted before this deadline.

  • To reduce risk of exposure to students and staff, students will be seen for medications and scheduled treatments or illness concerns or scheduled appointments only.
    • Students who display signs of illness will be quarantined and must be picked up by the parent within 1 hour.
    • Students who do not display signs of illness needing quarantining will be returned to class.

This helps us keep students who are ill from unintentionally infecting students who are healthy during clinic visits. Thank you for your support.

Health guidelines including plans to keep your child healthy can be found in the Harmony Public Schools Back to School Playbook here: