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In nature of this pandemic we have created a list of resources for our Harmony families. To obtain access to the list please click the following link:


En la naturaleza de esta pandemia hemos creado una lista de recursos para nuestras familias Harmony. Para obtener acceso a la lista, favor de hacer clic en el link:


Harmony School of Innovation staff misses our scholars immensely during this time. Staff has created a video along with the following message: We hope you are safe at home and enjoying activities with your family.  We are so proud of each of you and look forward to seeing you very soon. In the meantime, be safe, practice social distancing, good hand washing techniques and most importantly find something to make you smile every day!
Click on the link below to access the video.

As news of the COVID-19 remains prevalent, I want to assure you that HSI Laredo, continues to monitor the situation through proven and trustworthy sources, and is working with our local Laredo Health Department to keep employees and students safe. HSI Laredo has decided to put a pause on our graduation ceremonies during this time. We will begin reimbursing those that purchased their cap and gowns. The funds will be deposited directly to the bank account throughout next week.  If we move forward with the event, students will be allowed to wear Sunday’s best for the ceremony.

Debido a que las noticia del Covid-19 siguen prevaleciendo en la comunidad, les queremos reiterar que H.S.I.- Laredo está en constante seguimiento de noticia verídicas  de vías informativas de confianza. Así mismo seguimos trabajando en conjunto con nuestro departamento Local de Salud y Salubridad con el objetivo mantener a nuestros estudiantes y  personal a salvo. HSI.- Laredo, ha decidido pausar cualquier preparativo de ceremonias de graduación. Empezaremos el proceso de devolución a todas aquellas familia que ya habían comprado el paquete de graduación (Toga y Birrete). El efectivo será enviado electrónicamente durante la próxima semana. En el escenario de llevar a cabo  el evento de graduación los alumnos podrán usar ropa semi-formal “Sunday’s best”, para la ceremonia.

Agradecemos de su comprehension

Dear Students/Parents,

This week, we are completing the first phase of our distance learning program, the learning packets. Remember to complete your learning packets and return once classes resume. The next phase begins on Monday, April 6, 2020. Students and teachers will go online for a comprehensive digital learning experience that includes elements of independent learning, video-based lessons, and a variety of online software, including Google Classroom.


Students will sign in to my.harmonytx.org portal to reach integrated software and google classrooms on chromebooks or other devices. Students without computers or access to the internet at home should contact their school. For further details on accessing technology, you may visit https://www.parent.harmonytx.org/athomelearning and Free Internet access for 60 days.)


HPS will utilize Google G-Suite platform to provide learning plans for students. Students will log in to their My Harmony accounts to join the google classrooms by using the codes provided by their teachers. Teachers will use the platform to communicate, provide feedback, and assess the learning progress of their students. Harmony students have already been using blended learning software in their classrooms; software will be integrated into learning plans.

Throughout the next phases, our teachers will be available via email and other digital platforms to provide structure, guidance, and feedback. Once, our teachers set up their google classroom, they will contact you to start the online learning experience. Information regarding grading and high school credits will be shared later.

Below, you will find the comprehensive plan and a sample daily schedule you can follow.


For students in special education and 504 programs, accommodations and/or modifications will be implemented to the extent appropriate and possible by our teachers in google classrooms (technology may have some limitations).  For students in pullout programs, our special education teachers will create google classrooms, provide resources and support virtually to the extent appropriate and possible (technology may have some limitations). We are still working on a plan regarding provision of speech therapy and related services, ARDs, 504 meetings, and FIEs. For all of these matters, we are following guidelines from the State of Texas and Department of Education, which is still forthcoming and additional changes may be made as we receive further instruction. Your patience is appreciated as we work to ensure student needs are met.


Activity Estimated Time Platform
ELA 40-45 min Google Classroom
Math 40-45 min. Google Classroom
Science/SS 40-45 min. Google Classroom
Independent Reading/Writing Practice 30-40 min MyON, RazKids, No Red Ink,or hard-copy books
Math Lab 30-40 min Dreambox, ALEKS, Math XL
Specials/Electives 30-40 min Google Classroom
Everyday Routines
·        DO THE FIVE 

·        Wash Your Hands 

Physical Activity 30 min.
Bedtime Reading 15-20 min.


To access the Harmony At-Home Learning Program online, click here.


Elementary Schools 
Content Area Learning Platform  Integrated Online Resources  Blended Learning Goals  Useful Information
Pre-K Google Classroom Headsprouts under RazKids N/A Students will work on integrated topics. They can use their Headsprouts accounts under RazKids.
Mathematics (K-2) Google Classroom HMH Think Central, Dreambox or ST Math 20 minutes per day Assignments will be posted in Google Classroom, but students will need to login to their Harmony Portal to access their Go Math Lessons and videos. Learning packets that correlate to the online lessons will also be available for students without the internet.
Mathematics (3-5) Google Classroom ALEKS, Go Math 2 ALEKS topics per day
ELAR (K-2) Google Classroom HMH Ed Online, RazKids, I-Read Daily 45 min

( 30 min Raz Kids; 15 min I-Read)

Activities will be posted in Google Classroom, but students need to login to their Harmony Portal to access HMH passages, iRead, and Raz-Kids; HMH Passages are also provided in PDF.
ELA (3-5) Google Classroom RazKids,HMH Ed Online, No Red Ink Read 30 mins a day

Write 10 mins a day

Independent reading and writing will be daily. Students will login and have assignments in HMH, Raz-Kids, NoRedInk (gr 4-5),
Science Google Classroom STEMScopes 15 minutes per day Students may need to first login to Stemscopes for a Stemscopes link to work.
Social Studies Google Classroom Social Studies Weekly Online K-2 (1 topic per week) Activities will be posted in Google Classroom, but students need to login to their Harmony Portal to access Studies Weekly online.
Tech. Applications Google Classroom Learning.com CodeMonkey for EIR campuses Each teacher will assign the assignments and instructional materials through Learning.com for each class
ESL Google Classroom N/A N/A ESL will have sample Google classrooms in grade spans as K-2 and 3-5 prepared according to their language levels as beginner, intermediate and advanced. This will provide them with opportunities to practice their language skills.
Art, Music, PE, Electives Google Classroom Various N/A Activities will be recommended. No assignment or assessment will be given.

Queridos estudiantes/padres,

Esta semana estamos completando la primera etapa de nuestro programa de enseñanza a distancia, los paquetes de aprendizaje. No se olviden de completar sus paquetes de aprendizaje y devolverlos una vez que se retomen las clases. La siguiente etapa empieza el lunes 6 de abril de 2020. Los estudiantes y los profesores ingresarán a la red para tener una experiencia de aprendizaje en línea que incluye elementos de aprendizaje independiente, lecciones basadas en videos, y una variedad de softwares digitales, incluyendo el aula virtual Google Classroom.


Los estudiantes ingresarán al portal my harmanoytx para conectarse al software integrado y la plataforma del aula virtual, google classrooms, desde ordenadores portátiles como chromebooks y otros dispositivos. Los estudiantes que no tengan acceso a una computadora o internet en casa, deberán ponerse en contacto con su escuela. Para mayor información sobre cómo acceder a internet, ingrese a https://www.parent.harmonytx.org/athomelearning  y Free Internet access for 60 days.)


HPS utilizará la herramienta G-Suite de Google para brindar planes de aprendizaje para los estudiantes. Los estudiantes ingresarán a sus cuentas My Harmony para unirse al aula virtual google classrooms utilizando los códigos brindados por sus profesores. Los profesores utilizarán la plataforma para comunicarse, brindar feedback, y evaluar el avance en el aprendizaje de sus estudiantes. Los estudiantes de Harmony ya han utilizado el software de enseñanza combinada en sus aulas; el software será integrado en los planes de aprendizaje.

Durante las siguientes etapas, nuestros profesores estarán disponibles a través del correo electrónico y otras plataformas virtuales para organizar, orientar y ofrecer feedback. Una vez que los profesores hayan configurado su aula virtual, google classrom, se pondrán en contacto con ustedes para empezar la experiencia de aprendizaje en línea. Más adelante se brindará información sobre el sistema de calificación y los créditos académicos.

A continuación, se muestra el plan integral y un ejemplo del programa diario que puede seguir.


En el caso de estudiantes de educación especial y programas del plan 504, los profesores implementarán ajustes y/o modificaciones, en la medida que sea posible, en el aula virtual, google clasrooms, ya que la tecnología puede tener algunas limitaciones. En el caso de estudiantes en programas especiales, los profesores de educación especial crearán el aula virtual, google classroom, brindarán los recursos y el soporte virtual necesario, dentro de lo que sea posible, considerando que la tecnología puede tener sus limitaciones. Aún estamos trabajando en un plan sobre servicios de terapia de lenguaje y otros servicios relacionados, Síndrome de Dificultad Respiratoria Aguda (ARD en inglés), reuniones del plan 504, y Evaluaciones Individualizadas Completas (FIE en inglés). En relación a estos temas, estamos siguiendo los lineamientos del Estado de Texas y el Departamento de Educación. Igualmente, se pueden generar cambios adicionales a medida que recibimos nuevas instrucciones. Agradecemos su mientras trabajamos para garantizar que las necesidades de nuestros estudiantes sean atendidas.


Actividad Duración estimada Plataforma
Lengua y literatura (ELA, por sus siglas en inglés) 40-45 min Google Classroom
Matemática 40-45 min. Google Classroom
Ciencia/Estudios Sociales 40-45 min. Google Classroom
Práctica independiente de Lectura/Escritura 30-40 min MyON, RazKids, No Red Ink, o libros fisicos
Laboratorio de Matemática 30-40 min Dreambox, ALEKS, Math XL
Cursos especiales/Electivos 30-40 min Google Classroom
Actividades diarias
·     Actividad de los 5 pasos/  DO THE FIVE 

·      Lavarse las manos/ Wash Your Hands )

Actividad física 30 min.
Lectura antes de dormir 15-20 min.

Para accede al Programa de Enseñanza Virtual en Casa de Harmony (Harmony At-Home Learning Program), haga click aquí (here).


Escuelas Primaria (elementary schools)
Área de contenido Plataforma de aprendizaje  Recursos digitales integrados Metas del aprendizaje combinado  Información útil
Preescolar (Pre-K) Google Classroom Headsprouts en RazKids N/A Los estudiantes van a trabajar en temas integrados. Pueden utilizar sus cuentas Headsprouts en RazKids.
Matemática (K-2) Google Classroom HMH Think Central, Dreambox o ST Math 20 minutos al día Las tareas se publicarán en el aula virtual Google Classroom, pero los estudiantes deberán ingresar a su Portal Harmony para acceder a sus Lecciones y videos Go Math.  Además, para estudiantes sin acceso a internet,  también estarán disponibles paquetes de aprendizaje relacionados con las lecciones virtuales.
Matemática (3-5) Google Classroom ALEKS, Go Math 2 temas ALEKS al día
Arte del Lenguaje y Lectura (ELAR, por sus siglas  en inglés) (K-2) Google Classroom HMH Ed Online, RazKids, I-Read

Attention HSI Parents:
Due to TDA regulations, we will provide meals for one day only on Friday 4/3/2020.
Effective the week of April 6, meal distributions will be twice a week and for the weekdays only.
Mondays for two days and Wednesdays for three days.
There will be no meals during Holidays and an alternative schedule for meal  pickups will be published in advance.


Attention HSI Parents:

The Chromebooks are going to be assigned only to the parents that completed the request form before April 1.

The following days and times have been assigned for Chromebook pick-up at HSI:

Thursday, April 2, 2020 – 9am to 12pm

Friday, April 3, 2020 – 1pm to 4pm


Los Chromebooks van hacer nomas asignnadas para los padres que llenaron la forma de pedido para las computadoras antes del dia de April 1.

Los siguentes fechas han sido designadas para la entrega de las computadoras “Chromebooks”, en nuestro centro estudiantil HSI.

Jueves, Abrill 2, 2020 – 9am to 12pm

Viernes, Abril 3, 2020 – 1pm to 4pm




Good afternoon parents:

We are working hard to prepare and launch google classrooms for our students to continue learning during this time. Prior to spring break students were sent home with a letter that contained instructions on how to access the student harmony portal. This is a one sign on location where students can access their google classroom and their software programs. Students use this on a daily basis and are familiar with how to log in. 

Just a reminder the my portal site is  my.harmonytx.org. Student username is their ID # and the password is 123asd. 

Prior to the launch we ask that you watch this parent video to familiarize yourself with the functions of google classroom. This will make the transition easier for parents, students and staff.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfgqtCi7hdo   

English Parent Google Classroom Training Video.mp4

Spanish Parent Google Classroom Training Video.mp4

Teacher sessions will be pre-recorded and the lessons will be delivered through a variety of ways such as google slides, etc. Parents may request one to one meetings by accessing teacher office hours between the hours of 12:30 pm. – 4:00 pm. 



Buenas Tardes, Estimados Padres de Familia: 

Estamos trabajando arduamente  para lanzar la plataforma de estudio remoto “ Google Classrooms” nuestro objetivo es  que nuestros estudiantes sigan con su plan de estudio que marca este ciclo escolar. Días previos a las  vacaciones de primavera se envió a casa con los estudiantes una carta que contiene las instrucciones de como acceder a nuestro portal de internet llamado “Harmony Portal”. Harmony Portal es una plataforma donde los estudiantes pueden acceder a diferentes software educativos que usan regularmente como parte de su aprendizaje diario, la mayoría de nuestros alumnos deben estar familiarizados con el uso de esta plataforma. 

Como recordatorio la dirección de nuestra sitio de internet es: my.harmonytx.org

Pedimos de la manera mas atenta  que antes de acceder a la plataforma,vea los siguientes videos, en donde se explica en grandes razgos como estar familiarizado con las funciones de “Google Classrooms”.  Estos vídeos ayudarán a que la transición sea más fácil para padres de familia, estudiantes y personal docente. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfgqtCi7hdo   

English Parent Google Classroom Training Video.mp4

Spanish Parent Google Classroom Training Video.mp4

Como dato adicional, queremos informarles que las sesiones de nuestros maestros serán pre-grabadas  y se usarán diferentes medios para impartir los temas o lecciones como son diapositivas de google u otros.

Los Padres de Familia tendrán la oportunidad de agendar conferencias de video llamada uno a uno con los maestros dentro del horario 12:30 – 4:00 pm, para agendar tendrán que acceder a la pestaña llamada: “ teacher office hours”

Harmony Public Schools is encouraging our families to take a few moments to complete the 2020 U.S. Census online, by phone, or mail.

The 2020 Census is a count of everyone who lives in the United States and its territories. The 2020 Census questionnaire asks a few simple questions like the age, sex, and the number of people living in your home.  Individual responses are confidential and cannot be used against you by any court or government agency.

When it comes to schools, the 2020 Census will determine funding for special education, teacher training, technology, school lunch assistance, Head Start and after-school programs. The census will also help determine funding for other important programs for families, such as maternal and child health programs, and housing, heating and food assistance.

People should count all children who live in their homes, including newborns and others too young for school. That’s important because responses to the census help schools plan for the resources they will need when the new generation of children is ready for school.

To begin, click here or call one of the numbers below, or look for the Census form in your mail.


  • English: 844-330-2020
  • Spanish: 844-468-2020
  • Chinese (Mandarin): 844-391-2020
  • Chinese (Cantonese): 844-398-2020
  • Vietnamese: 844-461-2020
  • Korean: 844-392-2020
  • Russian: 844-417-2020
  • Arabic: 844-416-2020
  • Tagalog: 844-478-2020
  • Polish: 844-479-2020
  • French: 844-494-2020
  • Haitian Creole: 844-477-2020
  • Portuguese: 844-474-2020
  • Japanese: 844-460-2020
  • English (for Puerto Rico residents): 844-418-2020
  • Spanish (for Puerto Rico residents): 844-426-2020
  • TDD (Telephone Display Device): 844-467-2020