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Attention HSI – Laredo Parents:

Please click on the link below to access the Kinder and 5th Grade Graduation Pictures:

Graduation Pictures KG A

Graduation Pictures KG B

Graduation Pictures KG C

Graduation Pictures KG D

5th Grade Pictures:

Graduation Pictures 5th A

Graduation Pictures 5th B

Graduation Pictures 5th C

Graduation Pictures 5th D

Attention HSI – Laredo Parents:

Please click on the link below to access the pictures for the Harmony School of Innovation Award Ceremony for the school year 2022.

1st Grade Award Pictures:

Award Ceremony 1A 2022

Award Ceremony 1B 2022

Award Ceremony 1C 2022

Award Ceremony 1D 2022

2nd Grade Award Pictures:

Award Ceremony 2A 2022

Award Ceremony 2B 2022

Award Ceremony 2C 2022

Award Ceremony 2D 2022

3rd Grade Award Pictures:

Award Ceremony 3A 2022

Award Ceremony 3B 2022

Award Ceremony 3C 2022

Award Ceremony 3D 2022

4th Grade Award Pictures:

Award Ceremony 4A 2022

Award Ceremony 4B 2022

Award Ceremony 4C 2022

Award Ceremony 4D 2022


We’re happy to announce that we will be hosting a STEAM Camp for our scholars from June 7th-10th, 8:00 am- 2:30 pm.

This STEAM camp will provide a learning experience through fun, engaging programming that encourages children to explore their sense of wonder.

Students are introduced to hands-on, engaging STEAM workshops that promote discovery and ignite their curiosity in the areas of STEAM education!

We still have limited spots available and are filling up fast!

Click here to pay for  HSI Laredo STEAM Camp


**  In the case the previous link does not work, please follow the instructions below

  1. Go to https://hsilaredo.harmonytx.org/

  2. Click on the Parents Tab

  • Uniforms & Activity Fees (REVTRAK)

  1. Select MISC. tab

  2. Write Student Name and Last Name, and proceed to checkout


Children need nutritious meals to learn, grow and thrive.

The Summer Meal Programs ensures kids have no-cost, health meals this summer and return to school read to learn.

Help us spread the word about this valuable program!

Text FOOD to 304-304 or visit SummerFood.org to find a site.

Los niños necesitan comidas nutritivas para aprender, crecer y prosperar.

Los programas de comidas de verano aseguran que los niños tengan comidas saludables sin costo este verano y regresen a la escuela leyendo para aprender.

¡Ayúdenos a correr la voz acerca de este valioso programa!

Envíe FOOD al 304-304 o visite SummerFood.org para encontrar un sitio.